Dec 15, 2012

If you can't afford one;Make one

{Pa-sweet Clothing dress, Random peach corset, and DIY Jil Sander Inspired lunch bag}

Having your own sewing machine and knowing how to pattern and sew has its BIG benefits, 1) Custom Fit clothes 2) Create any dress you want for less 3) Free Clothes! and 4) Imitate Jil Sander's infamous Leather Lunchbags; However, 'Imitate' is such a big word (not to mention being subjected to a lawsuit), don't you think? Let's use DIY instead.

Instead of using leather, I opted for a fabric and print that speaks Cham Gumin a.k.a Pa-sweet Clothing - What else but vintage pattern. Friends would ally me with florals, but please, I'd rather be associated with damasks. Don't get me wrong because I still like floralsl.

I'm planning on experimenting with different fabrics and prints for the lunch bags. My next choice would be Gold, and also one with a foil-y character, but just like how I can't afford the original one, I bet gold leathers are as expensive. Woe, is me who is stingy.


Cham Gumin

Dec 10, 2012


{Pa-sweet Clothing Jacket, Vans PHFW giveaway shirts, and thrift Drop-crotch pants and shoes}


I find Drop Crotch pants (NOT JEANS) and Over sized jackets convenient lately. It saves the effort to keep the underneath bulge free, especially when my family decides on a spontaneous dinner outside the city.

Considering that I've been crazy-busy these past weeks, I can safely say that I'm beginning to love being a Utilitarian. And as soon as I thought I can finally relax... this happens.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but time seems to fly when you're on a deadline. FYI, I'm bad with deadlines.

Anyhow, Join me on the said date if you're around the area. I might sell this jacket there and might (meaning there's a big chance) be giving away some free stuff. You read right, this sentence is holy -- Giving away some free stuff. 

Cham Gumin

But then there's the word "MIGHT".

Dec 7, 2012

Preserving Inspiration

As a designer , and in fashion at that, it is important for me to be knowledgeable about my field. Although I have a (very) bad habit of forgetting names and faces, I never forget a style when I see one.

Ever since I studied at SoFA, my fashion glossary has grown a lot. Before entering fashion school I never knew who Yohji Yamamoto was or that Chanel is run by the coolest Karl Lagerfeld (honestly I did not even knew who Coco Chanel was, what I do know then is that a Chanel bag costs 4 digits the least and it's in dollars). Next, I also learned about Philippine's fashion heroes and the legacy they left, and let's not forget the living veterans such as Josie Natori, Randy Ortiz, Inno Sotto and many more.

But I found foreign hotshots much easier to remember than the local ones. It could be because I'm not familiar with their aesthetics or I've never heard their brands before; even their most accomplished works, I'm oblivious of it. FYI, This is me complaining about the lack of information about local designers back in 2009. Now I' am quite familiar with who they are as I'm an avid stalker. (Does that sound humane? Avid - Stalker?)

All i can say is the future kids of fashion sure are lucky. Not only are inspirations just a spit away (literally, if you dare), they will also have access to a complete compilation of Philippine Fashion Week history dating from 2011 to, hopefully, the end of time. Yes, it all comes down to this: An annoying thought that the forthcoming fashion students will have it easy making a report about our fashion history. 

Runway Report, why are you only published now? haaay.

Anyhow, with Runway Report a flip of a page will take you back to past seasons where Michael Cinco expressed Philippine drama, the international way, through Danica Magpantay; A flip of a page, 5 years from now, and you'll be inspired by Ezra Santos's breathtaking and heel clacking creation; A flip of page, 15 years from now, and you'll know what designs to avoid for your next collection, what execution to never neglect, and learn from the mistake of the past. Runway Report has all these benefits.

As what I've said to my ex-colleague when she was making a company proposal for this magazine. Runway Report, would not only be a fashion magazine, but a compilation of Philippine Fashion History. Which we really should preserve. What also separates Runway Report from other Fashion Magazines is that the content is not based on any author's perspective. You are free to judge and closely study a designers collection without being swayed by an editor's opinion. Ha!

The information is not limited to local designers, Runway Report also include shows from Milan, New York, and Paris Fashion Week. So this book is really a must have for any aspiring designers, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone who falls under the category. See? to have a collection of Global Fashion Week in one book, which will not eat any space of my already photo crowded lap top, is beyond fashion convenience.

Runway Report is available at any Fully booked, Power Books and National bookstores near you. Now I only wish that they have a subscription of these so I don't have to check the stores every now and then for a new issues. Also, for the people across the border to grab copies of this awesomeness without flying to the Philippines or waiting for a punta-ibang-bansa box (opposite of balik-bayan-box). 

Dec 5, 2012

We Were There

Today was spent procrastinating. Finally had the time to watch Bokura Ga Ita live action movie at dramacrazy

I've been a fan since 2008 when I first watched the series and eventually read the manga version. I swear, the story line is so deep that it would mess you up if you just reached puberty.

Conclusion: Finally, a closure after 4 years. I'm so happy for Yano and Nana <3>

Dec 2, 2012

12.2.2012 crafty craft

Preparations for this Sunday. I do hope everything goes well.

I used garters instead of Felt. I don't know why, but Santa Rosa doesn't seem to have any Felt. Why?

It appears I need Two more roses because the sides look a bit empty.

 On another note, I have confirmed my love-hate relationship with a Glue Gun. The feeling seems mutual -_-

Nov 29, 2012

Brush Strokes

{Pa-sweet clothing midi skirt, Sabella top. Gifted bag(Dad) and Shoes (Boyf) and Ribbon band made by me}

Hey you, 

I don't know why, but these days I lack the enthusiasm to tell something about what I was wearing, because essentially that would make me look like a personal style blogger rather than ... something else I've yet to figure out.

If I was aiming to talk about my personal style then I would probably go on about how I wore this outfit to do an errand at my daughter's school; how I made it look like I'm the older sister again; and make a made-up story of how this outfit was inspired by "Paintings" hence the title "Brush Strokes".

But that isn't so. This outfit was a last minute thing - another fail-proof outfit of mine that's consisted of a Basic Shirt and a midi-skirt. I just saw the ribbon band (that I made a long time ago) lying around and grabbed it out of impulse. The 16 year old in me took over.

Life used to be simpler, not only for me, but for everybody else. When did the world began to be so ...  artificial? Reading other blogs - It's all marketing. Even my most favorite blogger has gone over to the dark-side (but I'm still part of her cult, I love her too much not to follow). I noticed that only the pioneers and the relevant have truly stayed through the course of honesty. 

Actually, my frustration is that that I want to blog, but not to the point that it will be my money source. If there are opportunities, I don't mind, but as long as there will be NO GIVEAWAYS or Manipulation of writing content; because that will kill the unicorn, babe. What's probably eating my system is that I don't want to be labeled as a fashion blogger wanna-be (So far no one has spilled the devastating news yet), but the IFB badge on the right side of this post is very unbecoming of me. I have my poser moments, but I'm no quack if that's what you're thinking. 

Why am I being all mellow? I'm , genuinely, usually like this. Most of the time I'm thinking about non-fashion stuff such as the coming of the end. Anyhow, This type of writing is the original content of Hey cham (notebook). All rants; No Glory.

Cham Gumin

P.S: So hey all!! Visit Pa-sweet clothing we got new Items and I'm selling this skirt for only P299.00 :)

Nov 23, 2012

Project Golden Age: part1

Today is November 23, 2012 and it's official -- I'm being Productive.

I designed this for an event on the 29th, but since I wasn't able to finish this in time, because of much procrastination (what's new?), in the end I decided not to join the historic event. haaay. I'll probably regret this for the rest of my life but that's prolly for the best since I don't want to do something half-hearted.

Anyway, while making the pattern for this project, I had to estimate the measurements of a size 4 model. But because I don't keep a copy of anyone else's body measurement (not because I think it's creepy) I just took note of my size -- a 6 --and adjusted it from there. Good thing I didn't have to remake the pattern or even the muslin sample. I hate that part most. 

So far so good. I've made my cousin who came to visit, who has a slim and petite figure, to try it on. It fits her well. . . Actually maybe I have to add a 1/4" allowance when I transfer the pattern to the actual fabric. Just to make sure. 

I'm so excited to start sewing and see the end result.
Also, I still can't get over how productive I've become and it's not even 2013 yet :)

Nov 10, 2012

Romanticism on my pants

{Wore: Pa-sweet clothing (thrift) shirt and pants, Rustan's bag, DV head accessory and thrift shoes}

Hey you,

Is it a crime not to talk about an outfit post?

What is that I hear? 
I'm not a fashion blogger? 
I'm not even a blogger at all, but a designer?

Whoopie! Saves the effort to blab. 

We all know that the title is self explanatory, but if you don't know Romanticism then you should educate thyself by clicking here

And that is all. I'm quite busy today. It may sound unusual because I'm practically always online, but It's the truth. If it matters to anyone, I'm actually selling this outfit on Pa-sweet clothing so if you can drop by for a visit and a purchase that would be awesome ♥

Me (I'm sincere)

Nov 2, 2012


{Wore: Pa-sweet clothing Blouse & skirt, Ferragamo pumps and Louis Vuitton bag}


the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity.
violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.
an unjust or unfair act; wrong.

So did I gave this barong-look-a-like improper treatment? I object!! It was not I, but rather my camera, and the SMX lighting, and the boyfriend who has quite a temper when taking my photos, they're the perpetrator for this atrocious act. 

Not taking special notice of intricate detailing for an #OOTD is punishable by (fashion)law . Of course there is no such thing, but in my head there is and a lot of people have been sentenced to social suicide. 

Anyhow, details are the highlight of any ensemble - might it be a pearl hair clip, a diagonal pleating or a sequined hem, these little tidbits make an outfit exceptional. So it's only appropriate for us to give the center stage to them (it).

And here it is, the details of the barong-inspired blouse in all its embossed,embellishment glory. I can stare at these photos forever (or until I find another applique to obsess about).


I was tormented by the photos, thinking that I should take another shot with a different/ proper lighting. but since we were in a hurry to eat dinner (refer to #PHFW post), I just had to make do with what I have. With that, I eventually came up with a new worldly belief: There is a story to tell in every instances.

If the photo came out as I want it to be, then I wouldn't be talking about the injustice of overlooking clothing details. Instead, I would be blabbing about how this top looks like a barong that's especially made for women; how it's another astonishing thrift find to brag and that I'm selling it on Pa-sweet clothing - the usual yap.

This was an experience that turned my frown upside down. I do really get bothered by such small things because I am a self-confessed simpleton. bow.

Oct 31, 2012

Capelet Escape

{Wore: Pa-sweet clothing (thrift) dress, thrift capelet, Baclaran leggings, Steve Madden mary-janes}

Hey Wednesday morning,

I woke up today, opened my eyes, and spoke to myself, "I'm gonna be productive, today". However, that was immediately put to a halt the moment I laid my eyes on the seemingly innocent Procrastinator-nator (a.k.a the internet). I knew I was done for and told my inner monologue to shut up.

Anyhow, on days that I feel stuffy in sweaters and cardigans, I opt for my trusty capelets. Here, I channeled a teenage witch who's spreading her arms idiotically just to show the capelet's dimension. Too posey-posey, even for my style.

A capelet would make a great addition to any wardrobe, that's why I'd like to make a shout out to everyone (anyone in fashion), why am I not seeing any capelet action here in Manila ? You can't deny that it looks good in just about anything -- Jeans, maxi dresses, ball gowns. Can't you realize its conventional prowess in making someone look British (no?). What is instant chic, other than the lbd, pearl necklace, pink pumps, red lipstick, etc? Capelets.

I'm getting all riled up. Now, I better get my signages and get ready for a hunger strike for the good cause of demanding enough capelets in every (anyone in fashion) Filipino lockers.

Heyyyy, what'dyounknow, I'm being productive :)


Oct 29, 2012

#PHFW S/S 2013 Cary Santiago & Luxewear

I'm in a rush today so I'll just dump this post with photos from last Friday's Philippine Fashion Week. I bet that won't help much because my photography skills + low quality camera would only equal to BLURRY shots. Oh, don't get me started with "Focus" and how my battery decided to die on the most important part, because that will take half a page of ranting and would cause me to be late for my appointment.

Imagine me saying all the things I've said above with this face on.

Cary Santiago
a.k.a my new favourite designer

I knew that our origami class from TLE would come in handy someday. Too bad I did not pay much attention to the subje -_-
Wow (period).
Though I'm biased towards the black and white pieces, overall, everything was breathtakingly beautiful. Kill me for using colloquial terms.


Was I ever glad I did not miss this show because of my 1st world issues, 1.) I'm not into anything luxurious (aesthetic-wise) 2.) It was a 9:30pm show 3.) we only had 30min. to eat dinner, and that includes brisk walking, choosing the best filling yet affordable resto, and 15 min. digestion break; lastly 4.) We're left with a choice to watch either standing at the back or punch someone to get a seat (obviously I chose the one to less likely ban me from entering SMX). 

But because of my honest love for Veejay Floresca's designs, I ignored all my reasoning and to my benefit  encountered with Roel Rosal, Harley Ruedas and Chris Diaz's Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

Chris Diaz - Vertical lines = Instant  Long leggedness
Chris Diaz
Harley Ruedas -- Is there some intricate details on his bottom?
Harley Ruedas
Harley Ruedas
John Paras
John Paras -- Will fringe be big for Spring/Summer 2013?
Noel Crisostomo -- I need that belt in my life.
Popoy Barba -- Is that mouth open for 'awe' or 'yawn'?

If you went straight to browsing the photos and neglected what I wrote on my intro because of my poor writing skills or other reasons you may have (like thinking of saving your precious time instead of reading a paragraph full of rants). Well, I mentioned above that my camera chose the perfect time to die, slowly, achingly, annoyingly. 

Why of all designer allotment did they choose to put Veejay and Roel's collection near the end of the show? Oh wait, I perfectly know why. But in case you're curious, the complete collection can be seen at Philippine Fashion week's official website. Click here. And that is all.