Dec 15, 2012

If you can't afford one;Make one

{Pa-sweet Clothing dress, Random peach corset, and DIY Jil Sander Inspired lunch bag}

Having your own sewing machine and knowing how to pattern and sew has its BIG benefits, 1) Custom Fit clothes 2) Create any dress you want for less 3) Free Clothes! and 4) Imitate Jil Sander's infamous Leather Lunchbags; However, 'Imitate' is such a big word (not to mention being subjected to a lawsuit), don't you think? Let's use DIY instead.

Instead of using leather, I opted for a fabric and print that speaks Cham Gumin a.k.a Pa-sweet Clothing - What else but vintage pattern. Friends would ally me with florals, but please, I'd rather be associated with damasks. Don't get me wrong because I still like floralsl.

I'm planning on experimenting with different fabrics and prints for the lunch bags. My next choice would be Gold, and also one with a foil-y character, but just like how I can't afford the original one, I bet gold leathers are as expensive. Woe, is me who is stingy.


Cham Gumin

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