Dec 7, 2012

Preserving Inspiration

As a designer , and in fashion at that, it is important for me to be knowledgeable about my field. Although I have a (very) bad habit of forgetting names and faces, I never forget a style when I see one.

Ever since I studied at SoFA, my fashion glossary has grown a lot. Before entering fashion school I never knew who Yohji Yamamoto was or that Chanel is run by the coolest Karl Lagerfeld (honestly I did not even knew who Coco Chanel was, what I do know then is that a Chanel bag costs 4 digits the least and it's in dollars). Next, I also learned about Philippine's fashion heroes and the legacy they left, and let's not forget the living veterans such as Josie Natori, Randy Ortiz, Inno Sotto and many more.

But I found foreign hotshots much easier to remember than the local ones. It could be because I'm not familiar with their aesthetics or I've never heard their brands before; even their most accomplished works, I'm oblivious of it. FYI, This is me complaining about the lack of information about local designers back in 2009. Now I' am quite familiar with who they are as I'm an avid stalker. (Does that sound humane? Avid - Stalker?)

All i can say is the future kids of fashion sure are lucky. Not only are inspirations just a spit away (literally, if you dare), they will also have access to a complete compilation of Philippine Fashion Week history dating from 2011 to, hopefully, the end of time. Yes, it all comes down to this: An annoying thought that the forthcoming fashion students will have it easy making a report about our fashion history. 

Runway Report, why are you only published now? haaay.

Anyhow, with Runway Report a flip of a page will take you back to past seasons where Michael Cinco expressed Philippine drama, the international way, through Danica Magpantay; A flip of a page, 5 years from now, and you'll be inspired by Ezra Santos's breathtaking and heel clacking creation; A flip of page, 15 years from now, and you'll know what designs to avoid for your next collection, what execution to never neglect, and learn from the mistake of the past. Runway Report has all these benefits.

As what I've said to my ex-colleague when she was making a company proposal for this magazine. Runway Report, would not only be a fashion magazine, but a compilation of Philippine Fashion History. Which we really should preserve. What also separates Runway Report from other Fashion Magazines is that the content is not based on any author's perspective. You are free to judge and closely study a designers collection without being swayed by an editor's opinion. Ha!

The information is not limited to local designers, Runway Report also include shows from Milan, New York, and Paris Fashion Week. So this book is really a must have for any aspiring designers, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone who falls under the category. See? to have a collection of Global Fashion Week in one book, which will not eat any space of my already photo crowded lap top, is beyond fashion convenience.

Runway Report is available at any Fully booked, Power Books and National bookstores near you. Now I only wish that they have a subscription of these so I don't have to check the stores every now and then for a new issues. Also, for the people across the border to grab copies of this awesomeness without flying to the Philippines or waiting for a punta-ibang-bansa box (opposite of balik-bayan-box). 

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