Dec 10, 2012


{Pa-sweet Clothing Jacket, Vans PHFW giveaway shirts, and thrift Drop-crotch pants and shoes}


I find Drop Crotch pants (NOT JEANS) and Over sized jackets convenient lately. It saves the effort to keep the underneath bulge free, especially when my family decides on a spontaneous dinner outside the city.

Considering that I've been crazy-busy these past weeks, I can safely say that I'm beginning to love being a Utilitarian. And as soon as I thought I can finally relax... this happens.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but time seems to fly when you're on a deadline. FYI, I'm bad with deadlines.

Anyhow, Join me on the said date if you're around the area. I might sell this jacket there and might (meaning there's a big chance) be giving away some free stuff. You read right, this sentence is holy -- Giving away some free stuff. 

Cham Gumin

But then there's the word "MIGHT".

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