May 30, 2012

Back from busy space

{Pa-sweet clothing skirt, thrifted bag and beret, random stud bracelets, Ma-artsy ribbon ring, primadonna platform shoes} 
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After contemplating of whether or not I should sell this awesomeness that I named the Athena Skirt, I've finally decided to sell it and invest on another unique piece that I'll treasure hunt at a certain store. Looking at it now, I should've waited until I tired out the many possibility of mix and matching with the likes of ao denim shirt, a floral top, bright platform shoes, some neon gems, printed stockings, a galaxy print cup-corset and many more. Tired is not the word, but exhaust. 
Alas, I've acted on impulse and posted it on Pa-sweet clothing where in seconds someone inquired and asked for it to be reserved for purchase. But hey! the space is vast and It would be a matter of time before I find something better. Wow, It feels like my doubt and frustration in selling this skirt has finally lifted. Good job self, you've comforted yourself. You get a pat on the back for a job well done, Self.

Disclaimer: I'm not bipolar.