Sep 28, 2012


{Wore: Pa-sweet Clothing (thrift) Blouse & Skirt, thrifted Sling bag and Shoes}
A quick something-something of what I look like last Wednesday.
4 months ago, I've let go of my superficial dream -- Tattooing make-up on my face. Let me first tell you why I had that dream before I spill why I gave it up. It started when I was introduced to my very first "make-up shopping spree", late 2010. . . . 
... To cut the story short-- very short-- jumping to December 2011, I suddenly felt sluggish of putting gunk on my face every time I have to go out. My skin felt tired, I felt tired, My boyriend specially got tired (because he doesn't like me wearing foundation and eye-shadows, for reasons I dare not ask), and it also takes a lot of my getting-ready-to-leave-time. Actually It doesn't, but I could put my 15 minutes to a better use, like, read a book or watch a dvd or water the plants. All this time, I could've done these stuff before I leave the house! Obviously I'm being delirious as usual.
Bottom line, I've decided to give my skin a rest. It's been 3 months now where I only wear make-up exclusively for special occasions and In-case-I-bump-to-a-frenemy-moments. Last Wednsday I was only going to a Sewing & Pattern Review so I don't really have to make myself pretty (what I wear everyday is an exception, it's given, I was born this way).
But a more genuine reason was given to me by my new found belief. Being superficial will only do you good for a certain extent. In an extent of making yourself presentable without diminishing God's given beauty. By putting tons of chemical substances on your face you're practically,slowly, and gorgeously killing your beauty genes. What eternal youth? More like 12 hours of self confidence and a short-cut to GrandmaVille. If you can find an 85-100% edible make-up then by all means smother that Goo on and don't forget to let me know about it. Including a One page review of how, where, when and at least a month span of before and after pictures. I'm dead serious.

But if it's already too late for you, like me (I can't leave the house w/o moisturizing), then I suggest you research, research and research. My sister is a make-up artist and I remember her telling me that there are make-up brands that are good for everyday use and, of course, those that are not. I'm not talking without basis you know. Know you're face gunk and be knowledgeable.
Girl who acts knowlegable but actually has skin allergies
P.S: So this is not a quick something-something after all. I got carried away. =_=

Sep 20, 2012

Patience is indeed a Virtue

Hey there,

Today was nothing special, except a realization that sprung in mind. I've been contemplating about it for a couple of days now, trying to diagnose this annoyance that I've been feeling since i felt it.

And it hit me,

It's alright for me to do/take favors, mind you, It's one of the things that makes me happy -- being able to help others by doing their simple requests. But sometimes these favors are beginning to be frequent.

I've notice that these past weeks some favors that are ask of me is beginning to soundl like obligations, which is not really how it works .. EVER. I't not like I owe them my life (except maybe my mom and people who actually did save my arse for most occasions) for me to cater to each and every request of goodwill.|I also have the right to choose what kind of favors I'll be taking and have the right to say NO to the ones that I feel, other than being a hassle, wouldn't benefit me at all. It doesn't hurt to add a sprinkle on top on the "please(s)". But some(most/you) forget that, and asks a favor as if it's my job to do them... for FREE. There's a thin line between asking a favor and BOSSING PEOPLE AROUND. okay, I kind of lost my temper there. Anyhow, I remember Inno Sotto saying in one of the rare talks that he did during my SoFA days that we should never do anything for FREE just for the sake of "exposure". If it's not gonna go out with a Bang! then might as well save your fireworks for Hogmanay.

Patience is a virtue --  It finally makes sense to me now. And I hope you get the hint too.
I'm not saying NO, just ask me nicely/kindly/bribe me and I will mostly comply with my most courteous OK.

Tell me something that will make me, at the least, feel that the favor you're asking me to do would be benefitial for me too, maybe not in a form of matter but by that butterfly-in-my-stomach feeling you can give me by saying "PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP! I PROMISE TO GIVE YOU A PRESENT IF EVER YOU'RE SUCCESSFUL WITH MY REQUEST" and I will reply with "k."

KIDDING. In all honesty, I will most likely say "Kahit wag na. Anokaba!" (You don't have to. Anokaba!).