Mar 21, 2013

Some Sort of

{Wore: thrifted Cardi and Dress, DIY Floral Crown, Primadonna Platforms, FRILLS belt, Furla bag, and Leglove tights}

Some sort of... Experimentation.

Both in Style and in Photo Lay out, I am trying to be cool.
Trying --so don't expect High Definition.

I noticed I have too much Grey in my wardrobe, not considering that I also have a lot of Autumn-ish colors (like moccasins and oxblood). I don't know why, but I'm still not in Summery mood; although the weather has been scorching. Well I'm weird, so there's no use arguing. 

Hellooo! I'm wearing leggings in this temperature. 'Nuff said.

Weird Girl

Mar 15, 2013

One Fine Friday Afternoon

Pattern for Paneled Serpentina
My toes are censored.
The only dish I can't screw up -- Instant Noodles.


This was my afternoon today. It was Fine.
And that is thanks to God.

Cham Gumin

Mar 8, 2013

Blue Valentine

{Wore: Thrifted dress & belt, Gifted Clogs & Clutch, Specks from SM Kids Fashion}

Good dolly Morning,

Blue Valentine is what was on TV one Wednesday Morning.. and that is it.

A bit of a segue: I don't believe in Valentine's day anymore. Sorry.

That day was spent on errands and a lunch date with my boyfriend. I have always seen (since 2010) my boyfriend growing up like the male lead in Blue Valentine because he used to (used to) have the same way of arguing - I actually secretly call him the Philosopher stone (I doubt he reads my blog so unless someone spills the coco then I can keep calling him that in secret) - but my boyfriend changed and matured by a century eventually. I guess he was just in a Phase where unnecessary knowledge were spewing out of his ego and his brain can't handle that. Some would call that teen angst or arrogance, but I'd rather call it unnecessary knowledge.

I'm glad I gave him a chance to mature because that's what some people need in this world -- Chances.
And not just 2nd Chances, mind you.

Cham Gumin

P.S: Dear boyfriend took these pictures <3>

Mar 3, 2013

Contained Brightness

{Everything: Thrift}


Oh look! The first time, I think, I’m posting a pony-tail hairstyle without fringes.

FYI, I won’t be cutting my hair anymore. Literally. Even a small trim is not acceptable. This is a promise that I made last June 22,2012. The decision was not done out of impulse like what I did back in 2011 where I promised not to eat McDonald’s for a Year (I succeeded btw).

It was because of this:

So no more fringe for this long locks, and also no more hair color other than black. At the moment I’ll conveniently use this as an excuse to get a cheaper alternative for an ombre hair. After I’m board with that look, I’ll go Black and never go back. This is as true as the chicken came before the egg.

I am as happy as I'll ever be. Happy with my new found understanding.

Cham Gumin the Happy