Nov 10, 2012

Romanticism on my pants

{Wore: Pa-sweet clothing (thrift) shirt and pants, Rustan's bag, DV head accessory and thrift shoes}

Hey you,

Is it a crime not to talk about an outfit post?

What is that I hear? 
I'm not a fashion blogger? 
I'm not even a blogger at all, but a designer?

Whoopie! Saves the effort to blab. 

We all know that the title is self explanatory, but if you don't know Romanticism then you should educate thyself by clicking here

And that is all. I'm quite busy today. It may sound unusual because I'm practically always online, but It's the truth. If it matters to anyone, I'm actually selling this outfit on Pa-sweet clothing so if you can drop by for a visit and a purchase that would be awesome ♥

Me (I'm sincere)


  1. Lovely outfit, the bag is beautiful.


  2. Love the pants! They are beautiful!