Feb 27, 2013

Everyday is "ME" day


Did you know that “Lazy” has a new name? – It starts with “M” and ends with “E”. Well, actually, that’s not really something new.

With some recent disappointments, I can actually say that I've come to a standstill. How did I know that? A few days ago I told my boyfriend that "I think I would like to be a full-time house wife". Those words that I did not dare pertain to me, ever, gushed out of my mouth like a geyser, and It even caught Paul off-guard. Maybe a year ago the thought would totally give me the creeps and would push me to be productive, but ever since I've been an active member of the Church of God I now have a new way of looking at things or sort of like a change of perspective in a less irritable way.

After all, just because the word “house” is literally next to the word “wife” doesn't mean that I have to take it in physical-literal form. House is a “noun” and not “ verb” so I’ll take that as a reassurance that I don’t have to be inside the house all the time talking to trinkets (which I don’t seem to mind at all).

Anyway, I’m like this now because my sewing machine is being a b*tch and kept snapping her needle thread at me so it’s affecting my behavior. Toodles for now.


P.S: I'm totally bothered by my wrinkled cover-up just now.Oh, this is heart wrenching -_-