Mar 3, 2013

Contained Brightness

{Everything: Thrift}


Oh look! The first time, I think, I’m posting a pony-tail hairstyle without fringes.

FYI, I won’t be cutting my hair anymore. Literally. Even a small trim is not acceptable. This is a promise that I made last June 22,2012. The decision was not done out of impulse like what I did back in 2011 where I promised not to eat McDonald’s for a Year (I succeeded btw).

It was because of this:

So no more fringe for this long locks, and also no more hair color other than black. At the moment I’ll conveniently use this as an excuse to get a cheaper alternative for an ombre hair. After I’m board with that look, I’ll go Black and never go back. This is as true as the chicken came before the egg.

I am as happy as I'll ever be. Happy with my new found understanding.

Cham Gumin the Happy

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