Jun 9, 2012


{Wearing: Pa-sweet clothing (thrift) Anita Dress, Ma-artsy leopard collar necklace, Shoes and watch gifts form boyfriend, Forever21 Ring, Thrifted bag} Hype this look on lookbook.

What could be more redundant than wearing an outfit inspired by the back-to-school season and giving this blog post the title “Uniformity”?
Yeah, I’m simple minded like that.
Siesta time is back again at our house, for the kids are to start their classes this coming Monday.
I now have a new level of respect for hands on mommies out there. Enrolling the kids, buying school supplies and completing faculty requirements is not an easy task. This past few days was so exhausting to the point that I caught a bad cold. My body clock hasn’t been working right, and I’m starting to think that I now have Insomnia. Hmm. NO. I’m not going to take sleeping pills; I’d like to manage these sleepless nights with a good read.
Anyhow, it’s mini-me’s first day at school, since ever, so I think I have to somewhat look the part for her first day. Not an older sister, but a young mother. There’s a big difference, which I shall not elaborate. I shall start though, by not wearing matching uniform outfits on her first day, which I am very tempted to do. I have my mom fantasies, so there. That’s why I’m currently selling this dress at Pa-sweet clothing to prevent me from ever wearing this in my daughter’s school.
But, putting vanity and insanity aside, this is really is it huh? The day that I finally have time to relax from mom duties -- I mean that Amia is finally to learn on her own, outside her comfort zone. . .
 . . .Being sentimental much?
I think I’ll sleep on this cold. Yes that’s what I need, until I give the next post a better title =_=
Simple minded Girl with a cold


  1. You look really great in this - even if you do need to appear more mom-esque :P The combination of colors and the double collar layering is just so quirky and sweet.


    1. Thanks for that Anni. I did try though during my daughter's first day and was promoted from mistakenly the sister to mistakenly the Aunt :)