Jun 22, 2012

Not waiting in vain

And I'm still not good with titles. Still a bit corny but it is a true story, so this will suffice.

Yesterday, was my last day of being an innocent sinner but did not spent it as one. As I wait for the day to end I did what any righteous woman would do -- Take pictures of . . .

My feet.

My Side feature.

The Closing OST for the 07-Ghost animé

And my outfit: SM dept. Specs, Greenhills plaid shirt, Gifted dress, FRILLS burgundy leggings.

Don't mind the room, it's usually not that messy. Remember the saying/ tumblr meme, " I swear this room was clean... then I had to get dressed". Story of my life, everyday, except this is someone else's room.

And another true story is when you have so much fun there's bad things bound to happen...


I won't point out the obvious, but all I have to say is "I TRIED!".
Goodbye awesome specs, I shall buy another one exactly like you; It was a good 3 hours of vanity.

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