Oct 11, 2012

Sunday Games

Hey Thursday,

Last Sunday, I get to watch my first professional football match, live. It was also the first time my friends in Manila would come over to Santa Rosa to visit me. It was always the other way around. I'd like to push the thought that they really did went all the way here to visit me and not watch the scheduled football match where the team their rooting for are playing. . . Hmmmm. =_=

Kuya sorry di ko nadagdagan ung bayad. It happened so fast, I didn't get the chance to react. huhu :(

Hi Chee a.k.a TJ MEER and Meh-anne :)
Note: Nuvali + Football match = NEVER WEAR HEELS
It's like I went hiking.

Hi Beohn Jun, Shin Seok and Hyo Geon (honestly, I don't know who they are)

Since I can't understand it, might as well take pictures

The game ended with a DRAW in favor of Red (go figure) and everyone went home happy ?

I apologize if I did not focus on watching the game; Sports are something that I'll never be interested in. The proof of that is I can't remember the team playing (some global-something?). But nevertheless I'm always willing to accompany or support friends if they need it, cheering-wise.

Until the Next game. Ciao Ciao (chow chow?)

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